Assholes and Aureoles

Presented by Cincinnati Fringe Festival


Assholes and Aureoles
Presented by InterAction Theater, Inc.

See this show if your PC-o-meter needs to get blown up and reconfigured. Title first: assholes you understand -- an aureole is a "radiance surrounding the head or body; halo; glory." You can call it A&A if you have to. A&A was the top-selling show at the 2008 Indianapolis Fringe Festival. Two high-energy actresses and one award-winning and fabulously talented playwright created this play.

"Outrageous in very smart ways."
"You will believe there are at least four people on the stage."
"Be ready to laugh at things you know are intrinsically wrong."
"Blasts character acting into the stratosphere."

Come and see us more than once. People often do. Thanks!

Running time: 55 minutes.


New Stage Collective
1140 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood
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$200 all shows, $60 six shows; $12

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