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Presented by This Aint Real Theatre Company

An exploration of exactly what it means to be a villain in this world. From ancient times to Shakespeare, until this very moment, society has always been able to find its "villain." But can anyone absolutely define what it means to be a villain? (Other than Webster, and we'll get to that later...) What does it take for an individual to be considered as such? Do you have to be a murderer? Or is it a little white lie to get you out of going to dinner with that other annoying couple...? What constitutes villainy?

We will be taking a look into the villains that have truly been able to survive the test of time. Putting some of Shakespeare's most complex and interesting characters on stage to take a look into what this contemporary society deems evil... and what it might not...

Running time: 70 minutes


New Stage Collective
1140 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood
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$200 all shows, $60 six shows; $12

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