Savage in Limbo

Presented by Untethered Theater Company



Untethered Theater Company opens its season with Savage in Limbo at the Clifton Performance Theatre November 9-25. Tickets at $15 with limited $5 rush seats available. All shows are at 8pm.


Denise Savage has a consuming need to make changes in her life, among them the apartment she shares with her mother. At this Bronx bar she’s surrounded by other stunted losers -- some of them find freedom at the bottom, while others find they’re still alone. A heartrending dark comedy, this show is about unrealized potential and realizing you never had potential to begin with.


Directed by Kevin Crowley

Written by John Patrick Shanley



Leah Strasser as Denise Savage

Mindy Heithaus as Linda Rotunda

Carter Bratton as Tony Aronica

Carol Brammer as April White

Glenn Schaich as Murk


Tickets on sale now at Tickets are $15 with $5 rush seats available at 5 minutes to curtain.


The Clifton Performance Theatre is located at 404 Ludlow Avenue in the Clifton Gaslight.



Clifton Performance Theatre
404 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220
Clifton Neighborhood
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