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Jocelyn Meyer
Member of League of Cincinnati Theatres

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Size Matters
May 7-May 25
Meet Raymond McAnally, an actor who's weighed over 280 pounds since he was 18. Working in a job that forces his body issues to take center stage, he's learned how size matters and how it doesn't. Based on true events, this heartfelt comedy will resonate with anyone who's wrestled with body issues.

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The Mountaintop
Closed: Sun, April 13

Closed: Sun, Feb. 16

Around the World in 80 Days
Closed: Sat, Jan. 4

Rapture, Blister, Burn
Closed: Sun, Oct. 27

Other Desert Cities
Closed: Sun, Sept. 22

Marvelous Wonderettes: Caps & Gowns
Closed: Sat, June 1

Black Pearl Sings
Closed: Sun, March 31

Freud's Last Session
Closed: Sat, Feb. 16

Meals 4 Monologues
Closed: Tue, Dec. 4

8 The Play
Closed: Mon, Dec. 3

Alice in Wonderland
Closed: Sun, Dec. 30

Mrs. Mannerly
Closed: Sun, Oct. 28

Good People
Closed: Sun, Sept. 23

Next to Normal
Closed: Sun, July 1

Life Could Be a Dream
Closed: Sun, May 20

Time Stands Still
Closed: Sun, April 1

The Whipping Man
Closed: Sun, Feb. 12

Snow White
Closed: Sat, Dec. 31

Closed: Sun, Oct. 30

Next to Normal
Closed: Sun, Sept. 25

Winter Wonderettes
Closed: Sun, July 24

25 the Musical
Closed: Sun, May 22

End Days
Closed: Sat, April 9

Next Fall
Closed: Sat, Feb. 19

Closed: Fri, Dec. 31

Your Negro Tour Guide
Closed: Mon, Oct. 25

Closed: Sun, Oct. 31

Collected Stories
Closed: Sun, Sept. 26

The Marvelous Wonderettes
Closed: Sat, May 29

Becky's New Car
Closed: Sun, March 28

My Name is Asher Lev
Closed: Sun, Feb. 14

Sleeping Beauty
Closed: Sun, Jan. 3

The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later (An Epilogue)
Closed: Mon, Oct. 12

Dead Man's Cell Phone
Closed: Sun, Oct. 25

33 Variations
Closed: Sun, Sept. 20

Beach Blanket Bingo
Closed: Fri, Aug. 14

Tony! Tony! Tony!
Closed: Sat, June 6

Don't Make Me Pull This Show Over: Dispatches From the Frontlines of Parenting
Closed: Sun, May 17

Closed: Sun, April 5

Gem of the Ocean
Closed: Sat, Feb. 21

Gem of the Ocean
Closed: Sun, Feb. 22

Expectations of Christmas
Closed: Mon, Dec. 19

Alice in Wonderland
Closed: Sun, Jan. 4

Alice in Wonderland
Closed: Sat, Nov. 22

Closed: Tue, Oct. 28

The Seafarer
Closed: Sun, Nov. 2

Grey Gardens
Closed: Sun, Sept. 28

Tonys in the Trailer Park
Closed: Sun, June 15

Great American Trailer Park Musical
Closed: Sun, June 22

Radio Golf
Closed: Sun, April 6

Mary's Wedding
Closed: Sun, Feb. 24

The Frog Princess
Closed: Sun, Jan. 6

More Fun Than Bowling
Closed: Sun, Nov. 4

Rabbit Hole
Closed: Fri, Sept. 28

Rabbit Hole
Closed: Sun, Sept. 30

Tony Awards Live Broadcast Party
Closed: Sun, June 10

Closed: Sun, May 13

Closed: Sun, April 1

Closed: Sun, Feb. 18

Ugly Duck
Closed: Sun, Dec. 31

String of Pearls
Closed: Sun, Nov. 5

Mack and Mabel
Closed: Sat, Sept. 30

Mack and Mabel
Closed: Sun, Oct. 1

The Ensemble Project: Raw Revealed
Closed: Sat, May 20

Wayfarer's Rest
Closed: Sun, May 7

Moonlight and Magnolias
Closed: Sun, March 26

Friends Night Out
Closed: Tue, Jan. 31

Dinner, Show and Afterglow
Closed: Thu, Jan. 26

Thom Pain
Closed: Sun, Feb. 12

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