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Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative is a non-profit arts organization of playwrights, directors and actors dedicated to developing new plays written by local playwrights. Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative together with the Cincinnati Arts Association sponsors monthly stage readings of new plays from September through June.


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Cincinnati, OH  45219


Kalman Kivkovich
Member of League of Cincinnati Theatres

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Tales from 'Nam
Closed: Tue, Jan. 14

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices Series
Closed: Tue, Dec. 3

CPI New Voices: By the Rivers of Babylon
Closed: Tue, Nov. 12

The Best of Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: Elegy
Closed: Sat, Oct. 19

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: Redford's Rules
Closed: Tue, Sept. 10

Momus and Aphrodite
Closed: Tue, May 21

Full Circle: 3 Short Holocaust Stories
Closed: Tue, April 9

The Disappointed
Closed: Tue, Jan. 8

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: Wrongfully Bitten
Closed: Tue, Nov. 13

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Vioices: Confessions
Closed: Tue, Oct. 16

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: 1832
Closed: Tue, Sept. 11

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative: New Voices Staged Readings
Closed: Sat, July 21

The Fool
Closed: Tue, May 22

CPI Public Cold Readings
Closed: Sun, April 29

al Dura-Truth or Deception?
Closed: Tue, April 24

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: Wrapped In Clover
Closed: Tue, Feb. 14

Closed: Sun, Jan. 22

Changing Mom's Diapers
Closed: Tue, Jan. 10

Daze At Night
Closed: Tue, Dec. 13

Wrapped in Clover
Closed: Sun, Nov. 27

Life After God
Closed: Tue, Nov. 8

The Musings of Old Men
Closed: Sun, Oct. 23

Generations Passing
Closed: Tue, Oct. 11

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative Salon
Closed: Sun, Sept. 25

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative New Voices: Kin Under the Skin
Closed: Tue, Sept. 13

Changing Mom's Diapers
Closed: Sun, Aug. 28

A Reasonable Person
Closed: Sun, July 24

From Auschwitz to Cincinnati: The Surviving Tunes
Closed: Tue, April 26

The Burning Mann
Closed: Tue, March 8

My Perfectly Beautiful Life: A Musical
Closed: Tue, Feb. 8

Court of Priests
Closed: Tue, Jan. 11

Stairway to the Crown
Closed: Tue, Dec. 14

CPI Salon with Cathy Springfield
Closed: Sun, Nov. 28

Twisted Legacy
Closed: Tue, Nov. 9

Monologue Mixer
Closed: Sun, Oct. 24

Beat the Bear
Closed: Tue, Oct. 12

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative Public Cold Reading of Four Short New Plays
Closed: Sun, Sept. 26

Freud on the Couch/The Garden
Closed: Tue, Sept. 14

Closed: Sun, Aug. 22

Stairway to the Crown
Closed: Sun, June 27

Playwriting Salon
Closed: Sun, May 23

Over the Moon
Closed: Tue, May 11

Closed: Tue, April 13

Playwriting Salon
Closed: Sun, March 28

Tried and True
Closed: Tue, March 23

Three Short Plays
Closed: Tue, March 9

Murder the Devil
Closed: Tue, Jan. 12

Closed: Tue, Dec. 8

God Comes to Cincinnati
Closed: Tue, Nov. 10

Margaret Mead's Notes From the Field
Closed: Tue, Oct. 13

An Evening of 3 Short Plays
Closed: Tue, Sept. 15

Closed: Tue, June 9

A Stop in Paris
Closed: Tue, May 19

Three Short Plays
Closed: Tue, April 21

Red Shoes/White Shoes & The Long Way Home
Closed: Tue, March 17

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Enlightenment / The Global Lovers
Closed: Tue, Feb. 17

Non-Vertical Girl
Closed: Tue, Jan. 20

Christmas With Anton
Closed: Tue, Dec. 9

Jockey Jim
Closed: Tue, Nov. 18

The Best Intentions
Closed: Tue, Oct. 14

One Freaky Afternoon in the Office Lunchroom/Southern Exposure
Closed: Tue, Sept. 23

Teachers Left Behind
Closed: Tue, June 17

Embers from the Ashes: A Girl's Holocaust Diary
Closed: Tue, May 13

Clinic Mischief
Closed: Tue, April 15

Hitchhikers May Be Inmates, Booty of the Year
Closed: Tue, March 11

Thank You, Dinner and Testing Val, Au Naturel
Closed: Tue, Jan. 15

Soldiers' Christmas, The Footprints of the Polar Bear
Closed: Tue, Dec. 11

Tartuffe, a New Musical
Closed: Tue, Nov. 13

Mourning View
Closed: Tue, Oct. 16

Three One-Acts
Closed: Tue, Sept. 11

Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative Business Meeting
Closed: Sun, Aug. 12

Closed: Tue, June 26

In the Vise of Evils
Closed: Tue, May 15

Sugar 'N' Spice
Closed: Sun, April 29

A Lesson in Language
Closed: Tue, April 10

Play Readings
Closed: Tue, Oct. 24

Scorched Earth
Closed: Mon, July 10

Red Badge, Black Riders
Closed: Tue, May 9

New Voices Series
Closed: Tue, March 6

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