Contacting CinStages


Information, questions and concerns should be emailed to It is best to send information in .doc or .txt format so it can be quickly copied and pasted onto the site.

Basic listing information listed below is required to add performances, auditions, special events, lectures, benefits really anything at a specific public location with a specific time and date to the Cincinnati.Com calendar. CinStages uses the Cincinnati.Com calendar database to power the bulk of the website. You can add your event here.

  • Presenter
    Always include mailing or street address with zip code

  • Venue
    Always include street address with zip code

  • Phone number the public can call for tickets or more information
    Always include area code

  • Pricing
    Always include break down with ages if possible: $12, $10 seniors, $8 ages 17 and under

  • Age appropriateness
    Examples: Not suitable for ages 11 and under, mature audiences only, etc.

  • Short description
    Displays on single date page on CinStages, also used for Cincinnati.Com family of web sites and printed products. Usually short such as Irish drama, English farce, Shakespeare classic, etc.

  • Dates and times
    Include talk back, pre or post show events, special pricing, etc.

For auditions, please also include production staff, cast requirements, audition requirements and production dates.

For news, press releases, trainings, hot deals and call board notices, please send the text in .doc or .txt format as you wish it to appear on the site. Please write in complete sentences.

Note:  Once the above information is entered into the Cincinnati.Com calendar database, only productions in the Onstage-Theater & Auditions categories automatically appear on CinStages.

Any of the information below can be sent to enhance your listing on CinStages with the initial email or as it becomes available any time after the basic listing information has been posted.

  • Long description
    Three or four sentences describing the story of the show.

  • Direct link to online ticketing.
    Only need the complete url.

  • Up to three photos
    - Always include photo credit and full names of visible actors.
    - Please include at least one vertical picture as the thumbnails that display are vertical. This is the most important picture you will send as it will be the public’s first impression of your show.

  • Show credits
    List play’s authors, what work the show is based upon, who is responsible for book, music and lyrics

  • Production staff
    Director, music director, choreographer and producer names. Send link if available on your site.

  • Cast list
    If you wish to include characters names, use format John Smith as Mr. White. Send link if available on your site.

  • Up to three external website links
    Photo galleries, official show websites, show trailers, etc.

If sending a CD of photos, please include a Word document with names, caption and photo credits on the CD. For online advertising, please call 513-768-8432. Additional contact information for The Enquirer, Metromix, Community Press/Recorder is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where is High School or Grade Theatre?
Currently CinStages is displaying basic listings at www.Cinstages.Com/StudentsonStage . This comes from information submitted to the Cincinnati.Com calendar using the Onstage – Student Theater category.
2) Can I link to your site?

Absolutely! And thank you! If you wish, you can download our logo here.

3) How do I include my information in your weekly eNewsletter?

The eNewsletter is generated from information found on our site. Reviews and Hot Deals auto populate. News items are manually flagged by our staff.

Thank you for visting CinStages and supporting Cincinnati theatre.